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Brian Westbye is a freelance writer with a passion for a great story, from fiction, memoir and poetry to op-ed and travel writing.

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Air Shaft | brian westbye

Image Source: New York Times 1:17 AM: The percolator finished bubbling and Kevin Walton pulled himself away from the window to pour a cup. He had the cushiest day-job ever, working a four-hour shif...

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American Delta | brian westbye

Image Source: fearlessvk I’ve dreamed of the delta as long as I’ve heard the sound. Memphis and Vicksburg, Jackson and Dockery and Yazoo City. I imagine the heat and dirt kicking off the tires on H...

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A Stack of 45s

Bill Mushnick walked out to the kitchen, grabbed a Rheingold from the ice box, punched a hole in the top with a can opener, stopped and got cigarettes from the box in the living room and returned to t...

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Astoria | brian westbye

Image Source: Paul Masck The other side of the bridge (The wrong side some would say) Our first place cramped and grimy Two flights up above the bodega Humid and hot kebob and curry diesel and Marl...

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At Ease | brian westbye

Image Source: Brian McGuire I lie in bed in the dark trying to keep up with my hurtling thoughts. My wife sleeps beside me - sweetly, untroubled - backlit by the alarm clock. Occasional footsteps, ...

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Beach Bum | brian westbye

Image Source: Vivian Maier “Ah Christ, there’s that bum again,” Harry said. “I see him here all’a time, passed out on the beach. What a drunken loser.” He and Melinda were walking the beach in the ...

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Black Friday in Hipsterburg | brian westbye

Image Source: Lonely Planet “Oh, here we go!” Ray said. “Friggin’ Black Friday again!” Ray and Clem were looking through the flyers that were spilling out of the New York Times as they sat at their...

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Blank Page | brian westbye

Image Source: New Buddha Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever connect with a thought (again). The words escape, trickling away from my conscious, until they gather behind a wall, mocking me. Ideas swoop...

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Blue | brian westbye

The song is blue. Blue Moon of Kentucky shining from My Blue Heaven. Bluebirds Over the White Cliffs of Dover and Blue Bayou. Blue Skies, Blue Bossa. Blue in Green, Blue on Blue. Pink Turns to Blue...

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Come Evening | brian westbye

After supper After chores After TV After reading Come the dark Come the time when lights are low Come the evening Come to me Let us end the day Like! Foll...

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Down The Middle | brian westbye

Lesson Number One: the metronome doesn’t care about you. See that metronome there on the piano, class? It doesn’t give a crap about you! You could be having the worst day of your life, but the metr...

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Emmet Otter's Florida Christmas | brian westbye

Image Source: Muppet Wiki Of the four years we lived in Jacksonville, FL – from the summer of 1982 when I was nine through my 14th birthday, 09/12/1986 – the only year we did not return to Maine fo...

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First Thanksgiving | brian westbye

Image Source: Sugar Pie Express It was a brilliantly cold, brilliantly clear and sunny morning, and Chris Wightman wanted to experience it all. First Thanksgiving in New York, finally! Chris opened...

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Front Porch, Back of the Yards | brian westbye

Image Source: Library of Congress “So they call this all Back of the Yards neighborhood now. Know what they called it when I was your age? Union Stockyard, was called. Where we sittin’ right now, w...

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I Remember You | brian westbye

Image Source: Ramonesworld It feels like a math equation where one of the figures is off somewhere. I run the numbers in my head, and it doesn’t add up. Does not compute. Joey Ramone has been dead ...