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Brian Westbye is a freelance writer with a passion for a great story, from fiction, memoir and poetry to op-ed and travel writing.

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Democracy Now - Brian Westbye

Election Day: the most important day on the American calendar. On this day, Americans define America for Americans, and Democracy - the greatest arbiter, balance and weapon the world has ever known - ...


Equality: Under the Law and Otherwise - Brian Westbye

As the Supreme Court hears arguments today for and against Proposition 8 – the law that overturned California’s state Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriage – I’ve been thinking a lot about equa...


Open Letter to Senator Mitch McConnell - Brian Westbye

Dear Senator:
I consider myself an Independent, with no party attachment, but otherwise, I seem to be your kind of guy. I am a resident of small town America. I have been at my company for ten years, ...


The Face of a Freeloader - Brian Westbye

Hello. My name is Brian Westbye. I am a production coordinator for a major grocery chain, responsible for producing over 1,000,000 advertising flyers for over 170 stores in five states weekly. I have ...


Vinyl: A Love Story - Brian Westbye

“You know I’m semi-good lookin’…(click) lookin’… (click) lookin’…”
That’s where the skip was. The record was Van Halen; the song was “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love”, and to this day, after nigh on thirty y...